Water Warrior
Rebecca Thomson Helsinki Vettä lapsille - Helsinki City Running Day

Water Warrior

I can't imagine what life must be like for these children. No running water, no toilets and often starving. That's why I'm supporting World Vision by undertaking the carry 5 litres of water over 5km's in support of this cause in the Helsinki City Running Day. I'm a Water Warrior you can sponsor me and help make a difference. It's pure luck I live in a country that has these resources and so many in the world don't and I just think that is not good enough in the 20th century. Let's help World Vision combat this problem. Please donate to me.

Lähes 1000 alle 5-vuotiasta lasta kuolee joka päivä likaisen juomaveden ja huonon hygienian aiheuttamaan ripuliin. Juoksemme Helsinki City Running Day:ssa 15.5.2021 auttaaksemme näitä lapsia. Lahjoita tai liity joukkoomme jo tänään!
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Target: 750 €
11/29/2017 5/31/2018



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Water Warrior
Rebecca Thomson
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