Let's Help the Children
Jake Freeland Helsinki Vettä lapsille - Helsinki City Running Day

Let's Help the Children

Child Mortality Rates have dramatically decreased over the past 2 decades, yet in most less economically developed countries, it is often still an obstacle to overcome. I can't imagine the pain and suffering families in these situations go through. With the help of your donations, we can combat child mortality. We can't wait for someone else to help. Please donate to my page in support of World Vision. I will be running the Helsinki City 5k.

Lähes 1000 alle 5-vuotiasta lasta kuolee joka päivä likaisen juomaveden ja huonon hygienian aiheuttamaan ripuliin. Juoksemme Helsinki City Running Day:ssa 15.5.2021 auttaaksemme näitä lapsia. Lahjoita tai liity joukkoomme jo tänään!
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Target: 200 €
4/29/2018 5/26/2018



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Let's Help the Children
Jake Freeland
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